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Testimonials at MTI - Monica Thakrar Inc.

I was referred to Monica Thakrar as someone who could assist in the development of good employees. We had an employee who we believed had good potential, but was not meeting those expectations. We have witnessed a fast turnaround in our employee so that she is now exceeding all of our original expectations in her ability. Monica is quickly and efficiently able to identify the main issues and she then targets her approach to successfully tackle these points. VIP now believes that this type of coaching is much more cost effective than group training and we are now using Monica's services to help develop other employees.”  -Graham Milne, President, VIP Communication
"The Monica Thakrar Inc. program helped me peel through many layers and get to my core issues. Monica's intuitiveness and sensibility was key throughout the step by step process.  Since our last meeting, I continue to do some of the exercises so that I'm able to keep the perspective I was looking for.  I would recommend everyone to take her course whether it is for personal or career growth." - Nena M.
"As a stubborn entrepreneur, I needed the structure that Monica Thakrar Inc. provided, yet cherished the flexibility it gave me in working on my life. At a time when the world is clearly asking us all to get a check up from the neck up, this coaching program hit the bulls eye, by forcing me to tackle the real, core issues that were holding me back. I can, without hesitation, point to the clarity and focus that Monica provided for me, as a tipping point that made the difference between 2008, and a projected 100% increase in revenue for my company from $250K to $500K, in 2009. " - Jon B.
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