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MTI - Monica Thakrar Inc. is an organizational consulting and coaching business focused on enhancing the effectiveness of your organization and its leaders. MTI - Monica Thakrar Inc. does this through a mix of both consulting (providing skilled expertise) and coaching (allowing for leaders to embrace their own skills and techniques) based on the following key service areas:

Strategic Planning – If you are looking for skilled facilitators to develop your mission, vision, values, or a new strategic vision for your organization we can help you. With years of experience facilitating and helping organizations create strategic plans we can guide you through the strategic development process while staying true to your core values.

Leadership Development - Developing leaders who are aligned with your strategic plan and vision is critical to a thriving and growing organization.  Investing in your leader’s development is the best possible time commitment you can make as it encourages creativity, innovation, and loyalty to the organization. MTI - Monica Thakrar Inc can work with your leaders through training and coaching to be critical assets to the growth of your organization.

Training – Training your leaders and your organization on how to manage change, think strategically, and take the organization to the next level is the trade mark of a great organization - one that is focused on developing its people to be the best that they can be. MTI - Monica Thakrar Inc can provide management and leadership training to your organization and to your up and coming leaders.

Coaching – if you are looking to align your leaders’ vision with that of the organization and ensure that their mindsets, behaviors, and actions are all in the best interest of the whole then leadership coaching can be just the thing for your organization. Or if you are struggling to be the leader that you want to be – one with compassion and heart – then we can help you as well.


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