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Are you looking to transform, enhance or grow your business? Are you taking your organization in a new strategic direction, developing new systems or processes, or wanting to increase the potential of your leadership? Then leverage MTI - Monica Thakrar, Inc’s time tested systems and years of experience working with leaders, teams, and organization in:

  1. Change Management

  2. Strategic Planning

  3. Leadership Development

  4. Training

  5. Coaching

MTI - Monica Thakrar Inc. can help you with your most pressing organizational challenges and can ensure that your transformation truly provides the results that you want - increased efficiency, enhanced productivity, and a better bottom line.

By leveraging your most powerful resources yet, your people, MTI - Monica Thakrar Inc. can help your organizations and leaders get past the ideas, thoughts, and patterns that are keeping you from making the progress that you need in order to achieve the success that you deserve. We can help you in fulfilling your mission, surpassing your income goals, or creating and motivating your employees to take your organization to the next level by focusing on your key asset - your people.

Step out of your comfort zone and step boldly into your future –as an organization and as a leader. The time is right now to take your organization to the next level.

Organizational Consulting and Coaching

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